Sola Scriptura: A Protestant Problem

My first few posts will be about what has probably been the driving force in my thinking about Catholicism. It is the Protestant doctrine of sola scriptura—scripture alone. Protestants claim the Bible as the sole authority. If it can’t be shown in Scripture, we get to reject it if we don’t like it.

Therefore, in discussions about Catholicism with fellow Protestants, there’s probably one question that gets asked the most; “Where is it in the Bible?” That is our go-to question. But such a question starts the arguments in the middle. Before any of us can talk about what the Bible “clearly teaches”, we need to determine some questions first.

A) Where did we get the Bible in the first place? Who collected it for us and why do we trust their determination?

B) Which Bible? Catholics have 7 extra books.  If those are supposed to be there, how can Protestants say the Bible doesn’t teach something if we don’t have the entire Bible? What if we’re missing important facts due to our rejection of those books?

C) By what criteria do we know for sure that it is the pure, infallible Word of God? Who determines which books are infallible? Does each person decided for themselves?

D) Even if we settle on a canon, what is the proper interpretation? How can the Bible be our sole authority when the Bible itself requires an interpretation?

These are the sorts of things I’ll be writing about first. So stay tuned and enjoy. Feel free to comment and post. Know a good book or author? Recommended reading is always welcome!



Disclaimer — This blog post is just that: a blog post with my personal thoughts. I am not a Catholic apologist or theologian. What I say here is not official doctrine of the Catholic Church. I am still learning and am susceptible to error. Don’t take anything here as Gospel. Don’t be stupid. Do your own research and learn for yourself what the Church teaches.



2 thoughts on “Sola Scriptura: A Protestant Problem

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