Irenaeus of Lyons on self-made churches—non-denom and house?

Irenaeus of Lyon, from Wikipedia

Irenaeus of Lyon, from Wikipedia

“Wherefore it is incumbent to obey the presbyters who are in the Church,—those who, as I have shown, possess the succession from the apostles; those who, together with the succession of the episcopate, have received the certain gift of truth, according to the good pleasure of the Father. But [it is also incumbent] to hold in suspicion others who depart from the primitive succession, and assemble themselves together in any place whatsoever, [looking upon them] either as heretics of perverse minds, or as schismatics puffed up and self-pleasing, or again as hypocrites, acting thus for the sake of lucre and vainglory. For all these have fallen from the truth.” (Against Heresies, Volume IV, chapter 26, paragraph 2; A.D. 180s)


3 thoughts on “Irenaeus of Lyons on self-made churches—non-denom and house?

  1. Since typical non-denom and housechurch gatherings completely disregard Irenaeus and many other great teachers of the early Church (if they’ve even ever heard of them), I don’t imagine this will affect too many people.
    However, your quote could pose serious problems for those groups that like to fancy themselves historically sound in the Christian faith but are still basically doing their own thing.
    Great blog. I hope that God blesses you in your search for the Truth.

    • Yeah it probably won’t do much good for others who reject the early church fathers. But this blog is also for myself as much as anybody. I’m throwing stuff out there and seeing if anyone has any comments. Since I’ve decided Irenaeus is worth learning from (the same as I would C.S. Lewis or any other smart Christian) I have to take his words seriously.

      Thanks for the support!

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