The Forerunners of the Reformation with Dr. Scott Hahn

Peter Kreeft once said everything Scott Hahn touches turns to gold and this talk seems evidence of that.  This talk gave me so much to think about.  Hahn summarizes the broad scope of Western intellectualism, where it rose, where it began to fall, and how we are today living with the consequences.

“Intellectuals rule the world but they usually do so from the grave.  Because it takes a while, it takes time, for their ideas to catch on.  In fact it takes several generations for people to really work out the implications of these novel ideas.  In fact the novel ideas have to reach a point where they no longer seem novel.  They have to reach a point where people think that way without even having to think about it.”

–Scott Hahn, The Forerunners of the Reformation

More lectures on history can be found at the Coming Home Network Deep In History series.


2 thoughts on “The Forerunners of the Reformation with Dr. Scott Hahn

  1. Scott Hahn teaches me something every single time I listen to Him. When becoming a Catholic I bought every book he had published, as he helped me piece the Catholic Church and the Bible together. For that I will be forever grateful.

    I have heard him speaking on this on EWTN. Do not have time right now or this weekend for that matter, but will be back to listen, next week. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great Mother’s Day with your family. How are you doing? God Bless, SR

    • Hi SR! You’re welcome and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.

      I love Scott Hahn. He was a huge influence on me. His testimony was the first one I heard and it made me pause and consider that maybe this whole Catholic thing could actually be legitimate. Or at least it can’t be refuted with a simple “But the Bible says blah blah blah…..” After that I read several Hahn books and will probably re-read a couple.

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